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Karlin Bed Channel Design Features Velvet Grey

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Looking to revitalize your room with a beautiful new bed, fill up a guest room or even a sturdy bed-frame for a rental? Check out Furniture Depot's massive and growing inventory of beds and bedroom furniture! With many different designs to choose from, whether you're looking for leather, fabric, or velvet feel we've got a wide selection of different upholstered beds. If you don't like an upholstered finish on the beds we also carry wooden bed frames and metal bed frames too, the wooden bed frames are solid wood and the metal bed parts are welded solid.

Our bed frames come with a platform style base which removes the need for a boxspring, you can lay the mattress directly on the bed. All of our beds come with a One-Year Manufacturer Warranty for any potential defects or issues that may come about the bed. All the bed frames are easy to assembly with all the tools and instructions included.
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*Mattress not included*



This bed is made of a solid wood blend and reinforced throughout the frame for added support and study foundation The base of the bed is made up of several slats creating a platform style frame which removes the need for boxsprings



The bed comes with reflective mirrored panels to create a sleek design on the frame, the smooth velvet upholstery created a soft feel.
Strong slats are placed in the middle of the bed reinforced by a durable beam with several supporting legs to provide even support for a durable bed


86"L x 65"W x 64"H
86"L x 80"W x 64"H


Product Details

 In stock
Material Solid wood blend, velvet upholstery
Colour Grey
Condition Brand new, factory direct
Warranty 1-year manufacturer warranty
Assembly Required Yes
Options Queen, King
Package Pieces 2