Furniture Care Guide

Wood Furniture Cleaning:

Always use a soft, clean cloth to dust wood furniture and wipe in the direction of the grain. When using a polish to clean your furniture, do not switch between Oil based or Wax based products, be consistent and use the same polish. Switching between polish types will create a foggy effect (or build-up) to the surface of your furniture. If this happens, remove the foggy appearance or build-up by diluting 1 tablespoon of white vinegar to 1 quart of water and lightly dipping a cloth into the solution. Rub the surface of your furniture softly, until dry. Repeat if necessary. Do not use soap and heavy amounts of water to clean wood furniture. Heavy amounts of water will penetrate the surface and damage the wood. When spills occur, wipe immediately with a soft dry cloth.

What to avoid:

Do not place any hot beverages or hot dishes directly on your furniture this creates a chemical reaction and will produce a white spot on the finished surface. Always use a coaster or protective pads.

When placing accessories onto your furniture, it is a good idea to line the bottom with felt, this will prevent any damage from occurring, such as scratches or chemical reactions from products such as rubber or vinyl.

Heat and direct sunlight can damage your furniture. Do not place furniture near sources of extreme heat such as radiators, this can cause excessive and localized drying of the wood.

Marble Furniture

Clean marble in the same manner as cleaning wood furniture. Marble is a porous stone and can stain or discolour if not cleaned properly. Wipe up any spills immediately. If sealed properly, marble can be used for both indoor and outdoor use.

Marble has a high tolerance for cold and hot temperatures, but can not withstand extreme cold. Freezing will result in cracks. All marble products should be stored inside for winter.

Suppliers of marble recommend that the product be sealed at least once a year. Please see your local hardware store for a good quality sealer, and follow the manufacture’s instructions.

High Gloss Resin Furniture

Always use a soft, clean cloth to wipe the resin top. Avoid using paper towels as it may scratch the surface. When placing hot liquids or hot dishes, always use a coaster or protective pads to protect high gloss surfaces. Never use glass cleaning solutions on surfaces with a finish. The chemicals will destroy the finish.

Caring For Fabrics & Leathers

Professional cleaning is recommended for all fabric items. You can maintain fabric fibers and keep them looking fresh longer with frequent vacuuming to eliminate build-up of dust particles.

On leather items, frequent wiping using a clean damp (not soaked) cloth, also eliminates dust particle build-up. You may use recommended leather conditioners to help keep leather feeling soft.  Always test a small area prior to cleaning. Never use any brightening or bleaching products to clean your upholstered fabrics or leather items.

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