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Barga - 3-seater sofa -Concrete

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Barga 3-Seater Sofa. BARGA is a perky sofa bursting with energy. Made complete with full cushioning all around, the pillow top arm adds weight to an otherwise slender frame. European-inspired and lovely for lounging in -
even lovelier for admiring. Put together with detailed piping around the edges and thoughtful folding of fabric at curvature. There’s no arguing: BARGA is truly a modern showstopper.

Modern, clean, stylish design. Sturdy and durable, bench frame construction. Contract Quality: ery beautiful, attractively pairs with any décor of a home. Very comfortable, sits well and comfortably while lounging. Tried and true construction methods work together for extra strength, longevity and comfort.

Expertly upholstered. Blue World Anti-Stain Shield Protection Fabric. Overall 1 year warranty: Visually appealing, long lasting upholstery, while adding to a delightfully modern decor. Quality and durability assured. The fabric highly durable anti-microbial finish eliminates and prevents the growth of dust mites and other infestations such as flees, moth, carpet beetle and bugs etc. It is permanently resistant to daily maintenance, wear and dry cleaning. Blue World Anti-Stain Shield Protection Fabric is also resistant to the growth of fungal moulds, bacteria and their resulting allergens.


Width: 79"
Depth: 37"
Height: 35"
Cover: Woolrich.
Cover Colour: Gray.
Finish: Black Painted Wood.